Pattaya Investigations

Pattaya Investigations is Pattaya’s largest and oldest firm of Private Investigators.

Because Local Knowledge makes all the difference!

Pattaya Investigations specialise in Thai Bar Girls Investigations and extend this service to Pattaya Ladyboys and bar boys!

We also investigate NON bar girls (and boys), wives and girlfriends. We now also offer commercial and business investigation and research.

private investigators in PattayaWe are a professional detective agency business based in the Pattaya area. We are Pattaya’s largest and longest established detective agency having been in business in Pattaya for over 16 years. We moved full time to Pattaya from Bangkok in 2006. Our service does extend to other areas but Pattaya is our “turf” and where we are most efficient. If you have enquiries regarding other areas of Thailand please contact us anyway and we will help if we can. Our small but water tight team are extremely professional and all based in, or around, Pattaya, We were the first company prepared to include investigations involving ladyboys. 

Our services include researching the subject, finding them, going to visit them at work and finding anything that may be of interest to you, the client. All you need to do is send us an email and we will respond to gather all the necessary information required to obtain the facts and evidence you require. We are able to carry out your instructions or suggest the best, and most cost effective way, way to obtain all the information you require.

Just be aware that we will tell the truth and there is no guarantee that you will like it!

We feel no need for an expansive website – our reputation, size and experience speak for themselves.

For all enquiries, or for more information about our services please Contact Us.

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Why should I pay a Pattaya Investigations company?

The simple answer is peace of mind! You have heard all the stories so it makes sense to check to see if your girl really is different! One payment to us and we can either put your mind at ease or save you a big mess in the future, not to mention perhaps save you a lot of money. We offer a discreet, anonymous and fast service. Thousands of people over the years have put their minds at rest with one simple email.

Please do not feel intimidated or worried about the outcome or contacting us. We deal with each case sensitively and we get results. A payment to us is a small investment for your future.

Note – We always stay on the right side of the law during our operations. The safety of both our staff and clients is paramount. Any potential breaches of the law, or violent situations, the operation will be suspended and the service brought back into discussion.

ALL enquiries, cases and results are subject to TOTAL confidentiality, both ways!