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review...19 /2 /2010....I contacted PI having found them online. I am from the USA. My girlfriend doesn't work in a bar, but because of my own trust issues I asked PI to check up on her. PI was professional to the extreme and VERY discreet. PI conducted the investigation quickly, efficiently, and without bias. PI's report was factual and to the point. Also, thanks to PI I learned some things about the culture that I didn't know before. Armed with the facts given me by PI I was able to make a decision based on fact, and not just my own supposition. I decided to give her another chance as she confessed to me things I didn't even know without prompting. This showed me that, as she says, she doesn't lie to me. I consider PI second to none among the organizations I have employed in the past. I strongly recommend PI to anyone that might find themselves in need of their services.Mike from Michigan USA

review...16 /2 /2009.... pattaya-investigations is a very professional company, I asked them to check up on a girl I have been with for 1 year to see if see was cheating on me. As it happens she was not . Now I am going to ask her to come back to the UK with me. This is a happy ending for me and didn't cost the earth. If you have any worries like i did, use this company, I highly recommend them. Thank you again for putting my mind to rest, regards Damien - Liverpool.

review...21 /2 /2008.... I contacted Pattaya bar girl investigations and on the same day they went to see if my girlfriend had gone to her friends party alone or not. Thankfully I got the payment to them quickly and they acted fast, lets just say its not a happy ending for her. The next day I contacted another girl, happy ending for me! Cheers PI your the bomb

review...21 /2 /2008.... I was asked for an honest review so here goes:

I was dating a girl for 6 months and she worked in a hotel in soi 8. She asked me if I could take care of her. I didn't know if she was seeing the guests at the hotel, so I contacted Pattaya investigations and asked them to go into the hotel several times to get to know her and to see if she was prepared to go out for a meal or back to hotel for sex. Luckily for me, it was confirmed by the investigation team that she would not do so as she has a boyfriend, it was money well spent, now I can take care of her knowing that she isn't sleeping around.

review...18 /3 /2008....

I had an unpaid debt to a friend in Thailand , however I had lost their contact info. I was wary of sending money overseas for a service like this but P.I. certainly put any worries to rest. Using the information I provided P.I. located my friend, took great care in Identifying them and transferred my payment. All done with professionalism and at a reasonable cost. I highly recommend this service. Thanks PI !

review...21 / 07 / 2009.... (some English amended from clients original)

I can say to you your help was super quick and excellent. Professional for sure, and I am greatful I contacted you. If you not have help me to find out the truth, impossible to know from here that was, how clever she was.
And thanks  again, I am fine now. My advice to other , contact Pattaya Investigations if you want to be sure lady is good or not. Better for you and the lady.


*All names are changed to protect our clients and for obvious reasons we cannot give out email or contact details.

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