Payment Options

Amended September 2012.

We are the only Private Investigation agency in Pattaya to offer both pre-paid and post case payment options.

All cases are charged differently but as a general rule would be as follows. Please contact us with details of your case for a more accurate quotation.

Bar Check - 6000 Baht + expenses pre-paid or 8000 Baht + expenses post paid (i.e. on completion).

Investigation and surveillance services - 1000 Baht per hour + expenses. Minimum fee 10,000 Baht or 13,000 for post paid cases*.

Post case options - we will provide evidence of the case having been done then provide the full report as soon as funds have cleared.

In the case of pre-paid cases, expenses are due on completion.

Expenses can be agreed and/or fixed prior to cases commencing.

* The post paid minimum fee covers "up to" 10 hours.

Payment Methods

We offer the following payment options in all cases unless an absolute immediate start is required in which case you would need to use the Western Union option.

Western Union

This is the fastest method but. Clearance is immediate so cases can commence as early as possible. Western Union is well known worldwide and offers fast transactions. For more details click here.

Credit Card

We can send you a money request to pay by credit card. This delays the investigation as it takes 5-7 days usually but if available if preferred. Credit card payments are taken via our PayPal account (see below) but you do not need to have a PayPal account yourself. Clearance is usually about 7 days.


This is our preferred method if you have a PayPal account. Our PayPal account is a fully verified Business Account which you can check before you send payment. Clearance takes about 3 days.

Direct Transfer to Thai Bank

This is the slowest method and usually the most expensive but is available if required. It is usually possible to use an Express Service if more speed is required. Clearance usually takes 5-7 days unless an express service is used.

Please Note.

You will be asked which payment option you require after we have quoted you and the case is agreed.

Please note our quoted fees do not include the transfer costs unless otherwise stated.

Please do NOT use a Private Investigator Service that does not offer Credit Card and Direct Bank Transfer options.

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