Our Services

The following are our main areas for investigation. If you do not see what you are looking for please contact us and ask.

Bar Girl Investigation

This has always been the core of our business. If your lady is working bar and saying she is not going with customers you really do need to check – especially if you are sending money on that basis.

NON Bar Girl Investigation

Invariably this involves girls who have left the bar scene but more often these days we are running checks on girls who have never worked bar. Those checks can cover whatever you require but usually involve finding out if she is freelancing, has other boyfriends or sponsors or even if she is married.

Surveillance Service

Longer term surveillance is becoming more common these days. Prices will vary due to the nature of the work and the time scales. They generally last as long as you, the client, instruct. For more information please contact us giving as much detail as possible to allow us to provide an accurate quotation.

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